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Service for Countering the Cyber Criminality


The Service for Countering the Cyber Criminality is the specialized structure within the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police (GIRP) that has competence for prevention, investigation of cyber criminality and functions within the Directorate for the Countering of Organized Criminality.

The offences in the competence of this structure are stipulated by Law 161/2003, title III, regarding the prevention and countering the cyber criminality and Law 365/2002 regarding the electronic commerce.

The service functions as a central structure coordinating and controlling, national level, the activities in the field.

The service elaborates assessments and analyses of the cyber criminality phenomenon in Romania and provides training programs and necessary endowment of officers who carry out activities in the field of prevention and investigation.

The Service is also contact point 24/7, in order to ensure the international cooperation in urgent decision together with the Service for Countering Cyber Criminality within DIICOT.

On territorial level, within the Brigades for the Countering of Organized Criminality, function Services for Countering of Cyber Criminality and within the Services for Countering Organized Criminality there are officers assigned to work in the field of prevention and countering cyber crime.

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