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  File a complaint



What browser should I use to file a complaint?

     We recommend you to use any of the existent browser (ex. Chrome, Mozzila Firefox, Safari, Opera), except INTERNET EXPLORER, for file an online complaint.


What informations should I provide?

     Our wish is to receive exact and complete informations. Surely, you are not obliged to provide us more informations than you want to.

     Basic requests are: your name, e-mail and phone number where we can contact you, name, e-mail, phone numbers and website address of the company or person which is mentioned in complaint. Informations expressly required are marked with the * sign and are needed so we can contact you in case that more informations are requested.

     The main object of the complaint must be exposed in the detail section of fraud mode, among other useful informations regarding the fraud, time when it was committed, total losses, payment method and which currency was used for that transaction.

     Informations contained in complaint are encrypted using SSL.

Anonymous complaints:

     Anonymous complaints may be lodged, but legal authorities to resolve them will not be able to contact you to provide more informations or to inform you about the investigation results conducted in this case.

Requested documents for a complaint:

     Before finishing the complaint, you will be questioned about more details regarding the recent complaint. The person entitled with your complaint will contact you in order to provide more details and informations.

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