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Online frauds



  • the criminals are continuously preoccupied with finding new MOs (fraudulent auctions, use of fake escrow sites, transportation, electronic commerce and phishing sites), in organizing and specializing their members (in the illegal activities they carry out and also from the technological point of view);
  • hiding the traces in Internet and the circuit of the financial gain;
  • the trans-national characteristic of committed criminal activities, thus part of these are initiated in Romania but targeting victims from abroad or are completed abroad, were the financial income is collected;
  • the use of rapid pay systems offered by the Internet (escrow system, pay pal, e-gold, internet-banking accounts,) or of those for rapid money transfer (Western Union or Money Gram);
  • the most active areas in the country are already known, respectively: Bucharest, Alexandria, Râmnicu-Vâlcea, Craiova, Timişoara, Iaşi, Sibiu and Constanţa.
  • the electronic commerce starts to develop in Romania too, by using the electronic commerce sites and the electronic means of payment (credit cards), is growing the number of persons that buy goods through this system.



     Before an online transaction, detailed checks on the item and the legitimacy of the site or offered service must be carried out.

     In most cases, must be paid attention to the transactions in which people from other countries are involved, because of complicated return conditions of money or goods.   

     Before buying, must be known the mailing taxes and if the vendor accepts only online money transactions or cash.

     If an “escrow” type service is used, must be checked if the site and the company are legitimate. Attention should be also paid to sell items because these might be used in different online fraud schemes.

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