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Cyber attacks and vulnerabilities in the rapidly growing


The evolution of organized crime in Romania in the last years is close related to the evolution of cyber criminality and intensively use of IT&C technology for committing offences.

The analyses made by the European bodies with regard to the trend of organized criminality, define the cyber criminality as an important branch of organized crime in the EU member states.

According to the assessments, the criminal cyber crime groups active in Romania have the following characteristics:

  • profit oriented, a substantial financial product is pursuit being targeted the pay systems and credit products and payments offered by financial institutions;
  • well organized, structured and specialized members;
  • use of youngsters with skills in computers and new technologies that are organized and coordinated by the leaders of criminal groups;
  • the switch from frauds for which trust is the most important element in achieving transactions to frauds for which predominant are the IT programs;
  • the trans-national character, meaning that the aimed victims are from abroad, some illegal activities are carried out on other states’ territories or are used systems from abroad;
  • permanently seeking new MOs, identifying new products for fraud and also information systems that may be compromised;
  • reorientation of criminal groups towards frauds of electronic means of payment offered by financial institutions in Romania;
  • reorientation of criminal groups that commit small cyber frauds targeting people (with insignificant loss) towards significant frauds which are targeting companies (losses of hundreds/millions euros);
  • specialization of criminals by types of offences and destination countries due to the particularities of the area (areas for tourism, areas with a high number of well organized criminal groups, etc,)

The main factors that determined the reorientation of criminal groups towards cyber crime offences:

  • gain of profits in a short time and almost no risk;
  • the trans-border feature of these offences makes more difficult the investigations of authorities in a state, in order to obtain evidence against the criminal group, they need to ask for information competent authorities in different countries through letters rogatoire, procedures that are slow and expensive;
  • easy access to modern equipment which allow the improvement of illegal complex activities and
  • the groups ‘members travel fast from one state to another which makes more difficult for the competent authorities to monitor the activities carried out by these.

     The perpetrators specialized in cyber crime offences and set up as an organized crime group target especially at citizens or financial institutions from abroad, an important percentage (around 80%) of cyber frauds committed by Romanians is represented by USA victims (citizens and institutions).

     The cyber frauds, cyber attacks, frauds by electronic means of payment and child pornography through the internet are crimes that involve specialized investigations, adequate training and endowments for the law enforcement structures.

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